Light As a Feather

Can you just feel the air? Well, spring is very much upon us and curvy fashion is waiting to bloom. I purchased this light-weighted dress from Fashion to Figure and it is very comfortable, fuss-free, and light. I mean light!

The stretchy, ebony top is well-fitted that clings to the bust area into the waist area allowing the bottom of the dress to flow very freely. The asymmetrical dress is colored with deep blue, black, and tangy-orange. The design of the dress is very flattering and graceful. The dress really doesn’t need much, but I added a long, gold necklace to enhance the bust area and ebony heels.  You would not go wrong with this dress. This dress is prefect for any outdoor event or on that special date with bae!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to James Pleasant Photography 

Dress/Jewelry: Fashion to Figure: Payless: Heels Purse: Consignment Shop

















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