Well, my Friday starts today! It is official snowing and today I am wearing my easy-going jeans! We all have those days when we just want to wear jeans! Jeans sometimes makes you feel relax and comfortable! Jeans is a truly a definition of comfort and style.
I am wearing a pair of Fashion to Figure Jeans that I have worn before and is very comfortable that I may say so myself.

The top is a very simple, black, long sleeve with a mixture of color vest. It is very warm. The tribal detailing in the vest is colorful and fashionable. The curly design bottom of the vest flares out to give the curves definition to accentuate the waistline.  This vest was bought from Macy. I pair the top with a long, brown boots. I love the outfit for it is stylish and easy.

This outfit can be worn on your casual Friday at work and/or a date out with the girls. Stay comfortable and have fun this weekend!

Remember always stay curvy!


Vest: Macy/ Jeans: Fashion to Figure / Purse: Burlington Coat Factory



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