“Keepin’ Life Simple…” is a motto I truly live by! We live in a world where we make fusses over the small things and things that really don’t matter. I am a girl who love fashion and love fashion that doesn’t require too much fuss once the outfit is on.

Today’s post is all about being “keepin’ life simple” and still dress fashionably and stylish! I love strip sweaters with diagonal look. The sweater is thin, but warm enough for the fall and spring season. The black and grey color is awesome that will mesh with any vibrant color of choice. I decided to style it with different colorful accessories that will grab the attention of the sweater, but still add style to the outfit.  I am wearing black jeggings that conforms to the legs with a quarter length black boots from payless. They are truly comfortable and warm.

Please do share how you keep fashion simple…

Thank you to my friend Mchele M. for the lovely pictures!

Remember always stay curvy!

Sweater/Jeggings :Burlington Coay Factory /Shoes: Payless/ Bag/Jewelry: Consignment Shop








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