No! Summer is coming to a close and that means vacation is over, unstructured scheduling time is over, no more sleeping in is over, and/or going out with the girls “whenever” is over. I repeat…NO! This may apply if you’re an educator!

I had a blast during the summer and enjoyed sharing the different swim wears and reading many, many compliments of how well I look in them all, so Thank you all!

I am recapping the view of the different swim wears and hoping that in recapping I have or will help someone who may me be feeling self-conscious about their body.

Short review on how to look for the next swimwear that will compliment your body:

  1. Perfect top for the twins! If you’re busty on top look for a swimwear that has wiring that will hold up the girls. Many designers are making nice swimwear bikini tops that have wiring that are not discomfort when on or when swimming.
  2. Compliment your tummy! If you have a round tummy or belly that protrudes out choose a high waist bottom that will compliment your curves and not focus directly on your tummy. If you have a tummy, it doesn’t hurt to try on low cut bikini bottoms and you make that judgment.
  3. Step out on faith! Choose different colors that you will never wear. Colors are the “in thing.” Try them on and see what looks good on you and rock it!
  4. Love you in a two-piece. Plus-size designers are at the highest peak and more are to come. Curves are in and yes; many designers are catering to curvy, plus-size women of all sizes and shapes. So be daring and rock your two-piece swimwear.

I hope I was helpful to a curve lady and please do share your swimwear, for we are all beautiful and God’s own design!


Swimwear: Monif C.


Swim wear: Forever 21 Plus


Swimwear: Monif C.

DSC_0143Swimwear: Wal-Mart


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