Dots, dots, and more dots! I LOVE DOTS…anything!

When I came across this cotton, white dotty, red background cloth material I admittedly wanted this pattern into a dress. The dress is custom made, but don’t worry, make JoAnn (fabric store) your friend and design your own style of curvy fashion how you see fit.

When designing this look I just wanted a flare dress, had no intention how I wanted the dress to be design. After completion, automatically it was declared vintage! Only thing was missing was a pair of white gloves and a large floral hat to really declare it “1960’s”!

This dress is quarter length below my knees. It flares out and to give it that A-Line look. The material is all cotton. It took three yards of material to make and two days to complete. The dress is design with a lining inside.

This dress is perfect for a summer wedding or out on a date with the girls. Happy Looking!


DSC_0483 DSC_0472_2 DSC_0476_2  DSC_0519_2DSC_0487_2  DSC_0524_2 DSC_0479

Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!


Dotty Dress: Custom

Sunglasses: Consignment Shop 

White Heels: Payless

Jewelry: Consignment Shop

Thanks Kevon (my nephew) for the pictures! My photographer in training!

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