Bare It….Some!

Since vacationing home to the Sunshine state I have been waiting to cool off by the poolside and swim with JAWS! Not really, but be by some cool swimming water without having to drive miles and miles out.

Some swim wear is hard to find for me since am voluptuous on top and majority of bikini tops come patted and I definitely don’t need any patting, for you can see. Normally, I would have to order a bikini that will fit my busted area online, but by surprise Wal-Mart had what I wanted for a low cost.

I came across a swimwear line by Women Owned: Smart & Sexy Swim who specializes in full, busted brakini top, the different prints and colors were so captivating till I felt like I wanted to buy them all!

The black, embroider, crochet bra design brakini top is wired beneath and give the girls a fashionable look. It may feel like a bra, but it gives that desire look of full, fashionable bikini top.

There were other colors and design that I could have matched the bottom with, but I decided to keep the bottom the same color as the top. The black, swim skirt comes beneath the naval area and has a bow tie on the left side for that sassy look.

So, if you’re top heavy and can’t find that perfect swimwear, worry no more! Go out and make a dash for this sexy, appealing swim wear and please share how you look and feel! HAPPY LOOKING and can’t wait to see what you look like!

IMG_4006 IMG_3999 IMG_4011 IMG_4012 IMG_3992 IMG_4001

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