The Tiger is OUT!

Welcome back from a long, overdo, excitement filled weekend of fun and rest!

To all who know me, know I love to smile, especially when facing a camera. I try to do seductive looks, serious looks, moody looks, BUT “I” look ridiculous…I believe! With prevail I conquered a look that looks awesome. Rrrroarrrr!

I was having a little fun when paring this outfit together, plus fashion is all about taking a risk! I compared this fierce and SLAYing outfit with my seductive look and yes, smiles! So, I am letting the Tiger out! I am changing the look of the face and giving you Rrrrroarrrr!

I love graphic tees and tops, for they speak for themselves. To me this top clearly states “ferocious beauty.” The top is a silk material that is slightly sheer, but wouldn’t require a cameo. The design is fierce. The bottom is a stretchy, black and white leggings that fit nicely and make the thighs pop! The leopard print, fuzzy heels gave the outfit more of a fashion noise.

If you have that Tiger inside LET IT OUT, for it only wants to Rrroarrr your desire of fashion!



Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!


Top: Rainbow Fashion

Leggings: Chic and Curvy (old)  

Heels: Barefeet 

Jewelry: Rainbow Fashion 

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