One Dress, Two Belts

I was on my way to a brunch with the girls, but before I went, I wanted to have some fun shooting this crimson dress with two different belts that goes perfect, but I couldn’t decide which one to wear.

I brought the dress the day before from Burlington Coat Factory for thirty dollars. PERFECT!  I love the circle, embroider that draws you in, but the details are not so over bearing that it takes away from the dress. The dress has a lining inside that hangs a few inches from the outer part of the dress that allows you to see the details more defined. The dress arms are quarter length and there you see the details of the embroider in full effect. The dress is easy to slip on. I love the dress, for it is very light and soft. Yes, the dress can be worn in the summer on hot, blustering days. LOVE IT!

The added black belt gave the dress more attention and plus gave the curves more shape. I paired it with a tribal, tricolor necklace and beaded accessories that gave the dress a dashing look, but still the dress was able to stand alone.

The next belt was a gift and couldn’t wait to wear it. The tan, stretchy, one hook belt was stylish and it too gave the waistline more definition. The tan belt was hit! Yes, you can wear the dress without a belt and add a bright, flowery brooch of any kind or wear it with a stylish hat. Have fun…fashion has no definition!

After all this, I decided to wear the black belt, but next time it will be Mr. Tan turn…happy looking!


IMG_3148 IMG_3171 IMG_3122IMG_3066IMG_3201IMG_3213IMG_3219IMG_3214IMG_3200

Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!


Crimson Dress: Burlington Coat Factory

Black Purse: Burlington Coat Factory

Black Heel: Burlington Coat Factory 

Red Heel: Barefeet 

Gold Purse: Consignment Shop

Jewelry: Ashley Stewart/ Rainbow Fashion/ Burlington Coat Factory  

6 thoughts on “One Dress, Two Belts

  1. Girl what Burlington do you shop at. I’m definitely NOT GOING TO THE RIGHT ONE!!!! Please my money and shop for me.


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