SUNDAY’S BEST!  I love dressing when attending church. When I purchased this out from one my favorite store, Ashley Stewart, it was a must have. It was perfect, not only can it be worn for church, but any outing with the girls and/or your significant other.

The blazer yells attention! The canary blazer is very light and can be worn all day. Yes, it can be worn on a cool summer day if needing to attend any important affairs. The floral, black and white skirt was a hit with the blazer. The skirt look like a pencil skirt, but did not give off that feel, for it’s soft, cotton feel felt so great. I love a skirt that does not require mush fixing when sitting or standing. When putting this outfit together, the compliments came from everywhere. Thanks to Ashley Stewart for keeping us Curvy women on point and fashionably!




OH Please, excuse my father (Mr. Brown) for walking to into my shot, for I love this shot so much I had to have it in…like father like daughter we must be in it all!

Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment or two, and ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably! 

Ashley Stewart: Blazer, Cameo, Skirt, and Jewelry

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