Dots are Everywhere


When going to work I love to wear suits, especially ones with mosaic patterns and polka dots. Designs on suits give the outfit style instead of your plan navy and black suits making one look like a business warrior.

The suit is cotton, has a stretchy feel where it looks snug, but still give off that curvy look for all to stop and look. The top is close with one gold button causing the bottom to flare out, almost looking and feeling like a peplum top.I really didn’t want to over accessorize the suit, so I just added a hint of red, black and white accessories to have the suit pop even more.

The polka-dot suit can be worn to church, work, or any business meeting. Curvy girls must always keep the meeting looking fashionably… have fun looking good, oh Curvy ones!

IMG_2858 IMG_2859 IMG_2860

IMG_2861 IMG_2857 IMG_2873

Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…FasIMG_2871hionably!


Suit: Chic and Curvy  

Heels: Payless

Purse: Burlington Coat Factory

Jewelry:  Rainbow Fashion 

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