With a Jacket…or Not

Fashion is truly undefined! The day could not have been better! The sun is bright, the wind is blowing making the atmosphere cool, every shoot is on point, face is immaculate and the curves are fierce! I just wanted to wear something relaxing and not too much fuss and the day and I was on agreement!

Am wearing a royal purple, quarter length jacket that is not too thick. The jacket is very sporty and curves to the waistline to give definition to the curves. Underneath is a canary  tank top that can be tuck in or when tuck out it hangs right above the buttocks area make every curve show to precision. The ashy denim, cut design adds a jaggy-edge look that snug to the hips lovely! The purple petoe, jelly, flower top flats gave the feet a touch of cuteness…yes feet!

The next outfit, I just removed the jacket and added a bright, brim yellow hat and open, bright yellow flower that gave the tank top more of an edge and sass look. The accessories added flare and more of design to capture the monochrome tank top. The multi-color, petoe heels was an added touch.

So, you can go high or low in shoes, jacket or no jacket, whatever makes you happy there is no definition to fashion!









Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!
Purple Jacket: Ashley Stewart
Tank Top: Burlington Coat Factory
Jeans: Rainbow Fashion 
Heels: Consignment Shop
Jewelry: Ashley Stewart/Rainbow Fashion 

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