Red, White, and Blue!

RED, WHITE, and, BLUE! When combing these colors you can never go wrong. They alone make a bold statement. They are colors that speaks volume. Many would look and wonder what holiday is it or what celebration is taking place. 

When I purchased this dress I had my doubts, but when I tried on the dress, it fit perfectly. I am 5’6 and the dress fell flawlessly just below my knee, forming to my curves in all the right places, and perfectly curving to the bust area. The dress flares out a little at the bottom giving a slight A-line look to enhance more of a curvy look. I wore a white camisole to hide any overflow on top, plus you can’t go wrong when wearing one.

The dress is very light-weight and prefect length to be worn anywhere informal.  When in doubt add the ashy-wash blue jean jacket, for it goes with almost any outfit. It makes the outfit pop and add style to your curvy wear. Choosing to add the jean jacket is one way I can spice the dress up and get my patriotic colors going. 

So, tell me how do you rock your red, white, and blue!



Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!
 Dress: Old Navy (old)
Jacket: Consignment shop (old)
Gold Flats: Barefeet (old)
Jewelry: Ashley Stewart and Burlington Coat Factory

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